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Remote Studio Specs

MICROPHONE | Neumann TLM 103

INTERFACE | Apollo Twin X

DAW | Adobe Audition on MacOS

SPACE | Acoustically treated PVC vocal booth

CONNECTIVITY | Source Connect Now/Standard, Skype, Zoom, Discord, Google Hangouts, SessionLinkPRO

DELIVERY | Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer and or E-mail

HARDWIRED | 663.5 mbps download 39.1 mbps upload

WIFI INTERNET | 353.8 mbps download 19.1 mbps upload

Travel Setup*

 MICROPHONE | Blue Yeti USB Mic, iPhone 11

DAW | GarageBand on iPad Pro

SPACE | Acoustically treated space

DELIVERY | Google Drive, Drop Box, WeTransfer and or E-mail

** Travel Setup is ONLY used for Auditioning when traveling.



AGENT | Rick Ferrari



Bilingual: English, Cantonese Chinese 廣東話・trained ear in pitch matching・vocal harmony・ADR dubbing・whistle


…and more.


Valory Pierce is a Los Angeles-based, bilingual on-camera & voiceover actress. She is fluent in both English and Cantonese Chinese. From a young age — her desire to perform and entertain, stemmed from her love to reenact scenes from late night Chinese dramas and animation shows she grew up watching. She is also skilled as a character illustration and manga artist. 

While taking theatre classes in 2011, she fell in love with on-camera acting and never looked back. In 2016, she made her voiceover debut in SKIP BEAT! directed by Taliesin Jaffe (Critical Role) after he heard her perform one of her characters in studio.

Valory loves reading manga, obsessed with fairies and all things magical. She is usually either cuddling her dog Snow Weiss (yep, named after Weiss Schnee from RWBY) or shiny hunting pokemon.


  400K     14,000     3500



AGENT | Rick Ferrari



MANAGER | John Love



7 + 6 =


Our company needed to cast a doctor for a series of training videos.  We started early and filmed different doctor/client scenarios in one hour segments throughout the day.  Valory was cast as the doctor for the day’s last segment.  She was a pleasure to work with, performed her character well, took direction, came ready, was punctual and the final film was one of the better segments from the day. 

I would recommend her as an actress.

Paul Powers

Creative Director, WK Studios

Valory was easy to direct and her audio quality is highly professional. She responded fast and gave life to each line. I could trust her on any project. I hope we work together again soon.

Randy Greer

Audio Engineer, KWS

Valory has been nothing short of an outstanding professional. Her commitment to understanding the project specifications, character and aiding in realising vision is second to none. Valory’s passion, drive and talent is contagious and inspiring. Would absolutely recommend to anyone casting for potential talent and looking forward to collaborating on future projects! Hire this talent now!

Roundtable Productions, UK